Why this winter should be your time to get rolling with your real estate plans!

buying real estate in winter

Here are just few of the top reasons why…

First, there can be an upside to buying in winter:

  • Fewer buyers in the market means less competition for you!
  • Less competition can mean less chance of the dreaded “bidding war.”
  • Overall, buyers can get a better idea of a how a house holds up when the weather is at its worst, specifically heating, plumbing, roof and gutters.
  • Some homeowners are willing to concede on price and terms, in order to please scant buyers.
  • Some sellers are already putting houses on the market with a price intended to sell, so buyers are less likely to go through long negotiations.
  • Many sellers are highly motivated to sell by life circumstances: job change, out of town/state
    move, family changes (birth, divorce, etc)

IF…you don’t want to buy or sell in winter, now is the time to BEGIN the process of “getting your ducks in a row” in advance of spring and summer, a time when inventor and competition increase.


  • Perfect time to add possible value to your sale price by completing those lingering “projects”
  • Prioritize your projects with your agent (Doug?) to make sure you don’t spend extra time/money on items that won’t bring a great return on your investment.
  • Perfect time to “declutter”…trust me, it takes time!
  • Allow your agent (you know who!) to prepare an outstanding and thorough listing and marketing plan that is ready to go at a moment’s notice once you are ready.
  • Be among the first to get house on the market as the market starts to heat up. Enables you to attract some of the “eager beavers” out there in search.
  • If you are ready early, you can time your listing “launch” at the perfect time for you, working around school schedules, vacations, etc, thus reducing the some of the stress of listing your home.


  • Get tour agent (Doug is a safe driver and fun to hang around with!) to take you on “tours” of neighborhoods now. That way—once you are ready-- you have already focused your search area on the places you’d like really like to live.
  • Time to get your financial ducks in a row. Once that “right house” comes on the market you are ready—not scrambling to gather final details.
  • By starting your search early in spring, you will have the chance to consider many properties vs waiting until later in the season and feeling rushed.

Finally…life can sneak up on us—jobs, family, travel, etc all can have an impact on your timeline. Getting prepared now will help ensure you have the best chance to purchase a great property or maximize your selling value!

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